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Eastern Arc Mountains

Arc Mountains provide unique scenery overlooking
the Morogoro Town in Morogoro region of Tanzania
provide unique ecosystem services and habitats for
biodiversity.The Arc Mountains are key and important
biodiversity area in the region. However there are
increasing anthropogenic activities triggering threats
from population growth needs and development
amidst of common causes.

— Raymond Katebaka

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Dams Establishment in
Rwenzori Mts National Park

Energy development in Uganda targeting to reach
out to millions of rural people has begun. The
developments are taking place is Key Biodiversity
Areas (KBA) mainly in the Albertine Region.
Rwenzori Mts National Park has potential sources
of hydro-electric generation. The Rivers Rwiimi and
Lubilia were visited by African Union of
Conservationists (AUC) team recently assessed the

— Grace Nakawooya Glendah

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Protruding plugs

The variation of landscapes is intrinsically spread
to influence the interaction in Africa. They
influence wide range distribution of biodiversity
and adaptation. Mt. Kilimanjaro’s location in
Tanzania with a snow cap challenges the
numerous intricate raised lands close by. Most of
such lands are dominated by tropic rain forests.
Kilimanjaro area is a humid area that changes are
only experienced near Mt. Meru.

— Reuben Katwinomugisha

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The Crocodiles

Africa has largest population of crocodiles
distributedfrom the north to the south. A number
of rivers harbor this population known as African
alligators. The increasing pollution in rivers due
the several factors contributing to the degradation
of their habitats. As such some of these precisely
accounted for climatic changes. R. Katavi in
Tanzania was recorded with a large population of
crocodiles and hippopotamus.

— Raymond Katebaka

Our background

AUC is mandated to promote contemporary environmental conservation activities, facilitates joint work with local, national and international organisations, CBOs, CSOs, local authorities and governments among her members. AUC was established to involve as many conservationists in Africa as possible to champion environmental conservation and development…

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Knowledge for Conservation

Within our time, every place in the world has a connection with the other in the planet. This connectivity is currently facing nexus crisis in line with our survival and development, but also how we manage our basic resources. These resources are currently collapsing and the resultants are being realised. Painstaking approach is…

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Let’s work together to keep Africa alive. AUC is extremely impressed with the work that conservationists are currently undertaking.

AUC is accomplishing an important work of raising awareness in order to arrest the tragic impacts on ecosystems and damage of environmental services in Africa…


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